Saturday, 16 April 2011

PT. Wilmax Control Systems - QA/HSE

PT. Wilmax Control Systems
 credit to
- Male Age below 35 years old
- Degree in Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical)
- Minimum 1 year Experience in Oil and Gas Company.
- Having HSE Certificate from Depnaker
- Discipline, Strong Leadership,Independent and responsible
- Able to create, read and analyze the quality procedure.
- Understand the ISO 9001
- Can speak English well and able to make a report in english.
- Able to communicate well with superiors, subordinates and colleague.
- Able to work consistently following the procedure and possess good value to carry out the responsibilities with integrity.
- Good Knowledge in Computer
- Will be placed at Batam.
Date: 14 April 2011
Wage/Salary: Negotiate
Start: 02 May 2011
Duration: 1 year
Type: Full Time
How to apply:by email
Company: PT. Wilmax Control Systems
Contact: Hrd
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