Tuesday, 24 April 2012

HANS Employment Agency Pte. Ltd - Administrator

Basic salary is S$1200-S$1500 per month, Working hours 9am-6pm (Fri-Tues) 5 days per week. Computer literate and bilingual able to attend to customer. Can communicate in English and Chinese.
Date:23 April 2012
Wage/Salary:S$1,200-S$1,500 per month
Start:23rd April 2012
Duration:2 years
Type:Full Time
How to apply:jxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx
Company:HANS Employment Agency Pte. Ltd.
Contact:Joey Han
Phone:            +65 65157051      

Eligibility note:
It is unlawful to employ a person who does not have permission to live and work in Indonesia. Unless the advert states otherwise, please ensure you have this permission before applying.

Credit to : BestJobsIndonesia

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