Thursday, 13 September 2012

SARL Kevin Sheridan - Factory Interviewer and Visitor

This is a repeat mission. You will source and visit factories manufacturing packaging and disposables, interview them (detailed questionaire will be provided). Take photos and write a full report. I will pay 30 EUR per report. This project is calculated to enable you to earn double the standard wage in Indonesia if I am satisified with your reports.

More than one factory can be visited per day. Pay is 30 EUR per report so if you visit 4 factories in a day you can earn 120 EUR.

You will need:
  • Written English
  • A university education
  • Good communication skills
  • A knowledge of business and manufacturing (or at least be a fast learner for the manufacturing part)
  • An ability to establish good relations with factory owners as we may need you to carry out missions related to quality control etc.
  • Be available and motivated.
  • Have own transport.
  • Have a Paypal account to receive your payments. (Or other easy method.)

Please write and let me know why you feel you are the best person for the job. Please give details.
Date:13 September 2012
City/Town:All Indonesia
Wage/Salary:As stated
Duration:On and off on a contract basis
Type:Part Time, Casual, Temporary
How to apply:Send detailed motivational letter via e-mail + CV
Company:SARL Kevin Sheridan
Contact:Kevin Sheridan
Send CV/Motivation letter to :

Credit to : Best Jobs Indonesia

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