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Jobs at International Organization for Migration November 2012 - Senior Engineering Assistant (SVN/ID10/2012/080)


Under the overall supervision of the Project Manager for the “Management & Care of Intercepted Irregular Immigrants Project Phase II (MCIIP II)”, under the direct supervision of the Lead Project Engineer and in close coordination with the Consultant’s Team for Refurbishment Supervision & Management of Works, the incumbent shall be directly responsible for the management, supervision and completion of the refurbishment of one of the three Migrant Accommodation Facilities in his respective area (Batam or Balikpapan or Semarang).
  1. Responsible in the general management, supervision and completion of the construction of the Migrant Accommodation Facility project according to the plans, drawing, specifications, budget, milestones and contractual agreements with the Constructor:
  2. In close coordination with the Lead Project Engineer, Consultant’s Project Engineer and Constructor the incumbent shall prepare a master work plan, milestones and schedules of the project, including implementing guidelines, Quality Control and Assurance systems, procedures & methods of works;
  3. In coordination with Consultant Team monitor & review the daily work schedule of theConstructor and output at the end of the day, similarly review weekly and monthly outputs and chart against work plans and schedules, adjust work plans and schedules when necessary to meet timelines;
  4. Manage and supervise day-to-day activities of the Consultant Team and Constructor, monitor every aspect of works through Subordinate or Consultant Team and ensure it meets 1) engineering or construction standards and practices, 2) plans, drawings and design specifications and 3) contractual obligations;
  5. Prepare and maintain daily site diary report of the project highlighting major activities and accomplishments for the day, weather conditions, Team Compositions of IOM, Consultants & Constructors, equipment & usage, materials, visitors, challenges, actions taken and results;
  6. Ensure the Quality Control and Assurance system of the project is strictly implemented and adhered to in all details; as such, supervise and monitor all testing procedures and methods applied in testing of materials and works, testing & commissioning of different building services systems, and maintain records of results;
  7. Ensure all scope of works, detailed drawings, technical specifications of the project are executed in complete harmony with work plans and schedule between the General Contractor and Specialist Suppliers & Installers hired separately by IOM;
  8. Organize, maintain and keep all construction records, photographs, drawings, test results, minutes of meetings, administrative records in a systematic manner in hard and soft copies whenever possible;
  9. Take sequential photographs of all works daily and ensure as built drawings are prepared simultaneously with the progress of works;
  10. Prepare and submit weekly and monthly progress reports highlighting plans against actual physical accomplishments, cost of the project to date, variations & cost, challenges during the period, actions taken and results, and work plans and schedules for the coming month;
  11. Closely coordinate with Consultant’s team and Constructor in preparing “look ahead” work plans & schedules, materials, equipment and manpower requirements and periodically guide and follow up with the Constructor;
  12. Review and recommend progress payments against physical progress and value of each work item, ensure that all standard requirements for payments are complied and attached to the bills;
  13. Lead and record the regular coordination progress review meetings between Consultant’s Team, Contractors & Sub Contractors and Stakeholders;
  14. Coordinate with IOM Procurement for scheduling of deliveries or works of IOM supplied furniture, equipment and specialized contractors/installers;
  15. Coordinate and liaise with Government agencies and partners in obtaining permits for construction or other permits necessary until the handover of the project to Imigrasi;
  16. Ensure that all government regulations and decrees are adhered to by the Consultant’s Team, Contractors or their sub-Contractors;
  17. In consultation with the Lead Project Engineer, Project Manager and Imigrasi Karudenim, interface with local municipality concerning any problem generated during the course of implementation of the project;
  18. Resolve technical or Constructors issues on the site; report site difficulties or unresolved problems encountered, recommend actions to be taken and seek help from Supervisor when necessary;
  19. Ensure strict compliance with the IOM Operational Guidelines and Code of Ethics.
  20. Maintain the highest ethical standards when interfacing with Constructors, Consultants, Suppliers and Government partners;
  21. In the absence of the Lead Project Engineer, report to Project Manager for direction and guidance;
  22. Supervise the Consultant’s Refurbishment Supervision & Management of Works Team, IOM’s Engineering Assistant and Project Administrative Assistant;
  23. Undertake duty travel to all MCIIP II sites, as needed
  24. Perform other duties as may be assigned.


  • The incumbent is expected to demonstrate the following technical and behavioural competencies
  • Accepts and gives constructive criticism
  • Follows all relevant procedures, processes, and policies
  • Meets deadline, cost, and quality requirements for outputs
  • Monitors own work to correct errors
  • Takes responsibility for meeting commitments and for any shortcomings
Client Orientation
  • Identifies the immediate and peripheral clients of own work
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with clients
  • Identifies and monitors changes in the needs of clients, including donors, governments, and project beneficiaries
  • Keeps clients informed of developments and setbacks
Continuous Learning
  • Contributes to colleagues' learning
  • Demonstrates interest in improving relevant skills
  • Demonstrates interest in acquiring skills relevant to other functional areas
  • Keeps abreast of developments in own professional area
  • Actively shares relevant information
  • Clearly communicates, and listens to feedback on, changing priorities and procedures
  • Writes clearly and effectively, adapting wording and style to the intended audience
  • Listens effectively and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience
Creativity and Initiative
  • Actively seeks new ways of improving programmes or services
  • Expands responsibilities while maintaining existing ones
  • Persuades others to consider new ideas
  • Proactively develops new ways to resolve problems
Leadership and Negotiation
  • Convinces others to share resources
  • Actively identifies opportunities for and promotes organizational change
  • Presents goals as shared interests
  • Articulates vision to motivate colleagues and follows through with commitments
Performance Management
  • Provides constructive feedback to colleagues
  • Identifies ways for their staff to develop their abilities and careers
  • Provides fair, accurate, timely, and constructive staff evaluations
  • Uses staff evaluations appropriately in recruitment and other relevant HR procedures
  • Holds directly reporting managers accountable for providing fair, accurate, timely, and constructive staff evaluations
Planning and Organizing
  • Sets clear and achievable goals consistent with agreed priorities for self and others
  • Identifies priority activities and assignments for self and others* Organizes and documents work to allow for planned and unplanned handovers
  • Organizes and documents work to allow for planned and unplanned handovers
  • Identifies risks and makes contingency plans
  • Adjusts priorities and plans to achieve goals
  • Allocates appropriate times and resources for own work and that of team members
  • Masters subject matter related to responsibilities
  • Identifies issues, opportunities, and risks central to responsibilities
  • Incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation
  • Persistent, calm, and polite in the face of challenges and stress
  • Treats all colleagues with respect and dignity
  • Works effectively with people from different cultures by adapting to relevant cultural contexts
  • Knowledgeable about and promotes IOM core mandate and migration Solutions
  • Actively contributes to an effective, collegial, and agreeable team environment
  • Contributes to, and follows team objectives
  • Gives credit where credit is due
  • Seeks input and feedback from others
  • Delegates tasks and responsibilities as appropriate
  • Actively supports and implements final group decisions.
  • Takes joint responsibility for team's work
Technological Awareness
  • Learns about developments in available technology
  • Proactively identifies and advocates for cost-efficient technology solutions
  • Understands applicability and limitation of technology and seeks to apply it to appropriate work
Resources Mobilization
  • Establishes realistic resource requirements to meet IOM needs
  • Effectively works with vendors and service providers in compliance with IOM procedures to secure cost-effective quality solutions for IOM
  • Effectively applies specialized knowledge of logistics and procurement to timely source goods and services.
  • Preferably a well-rounded Architect or Engineer with exposures and understanding of all facets of building engineering works, coupled with construction management skills and tons of initiatives;
  • Hands on experience in design and construction of buildings utility services systems such as water & sewer systems, electro mechanical systems, fire detection, alarm and fighting system;
  • Proficiency in Auto Cad drawing and 3D presentation, Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and project management tools
  • Good coordination, communications and negotiation skills.
  • Good experience in dealing with government agencies and professional design consultants.
  • Ability to manage workload within general schedule of work, instructions and standard practices
  • Able to work with minimum supervision and maintain composure under pressure
  • University degree in Architecture, Engineering or Construction Management and relevant training and experience in construction field.
  • At least 6 (Six) years of working experience as Construction Project Manager, Project Engineer or Supervisor in the construction of a multi storey buildings, sprawling housing or commercial complexes, land development or soil stabilization projects;
  • Three (3) years’ experience as Facility Operation and Maintenance Engineer will be an added advantage;
  • Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia, both oral and written is a must

Position grade:
General Service Staff, Grade 6

Duty station:
Batam, Balikpapan, Semarang

Type of Contract:
Special All Inclusive Contract for 6 months, subject to the medical clearance (the first three months will be considered as probation period). The tenure of contract of internal candidate holding a Fixed Term/Regular contract will remain unchanged.

Interested candidates are invited to send the application in ENGLISH, with :
  • Cover letter, clearly specify suitability and availability date
  • Complete the Personal History Form  which can be downloaded at the following link :
  • Detailed curriculum vitae, including historical salary and minimum three referees (preferably former direct supervisors).
Please submit the application by email  to indicating the reference code above as subject.
The deadline for applications is 29 November 2012

Only applicant who meet the above qualification will be short-listed and for those who have applied for the same position need not to re-apply

Credit to : Jobstreet | IOM
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