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Senior Quality Ops Specialist - (1394)
Location : McDermott Indonesia Batam - Batam, 29432 ID (Primary)
Education : Bachelors Degree
# of Hires Needed : 1
Job Title : Senior Quality Ops Specialist
Job Description :

Directly responsible for product quality of the project. Supervises Project Quality Assurance to achieve product quality and assist Project Quality Manager in Quality planning of the project both Onshore & Offshore. (Only In the case of an EPIC contract CQM will be appointed to represent Quality on the construction scope. This is necessary to the fact that the PQM is primarily focused on the Engineering and Procurement activities, specifically engineering equipmenL Hence the CQM fulfills the role of the PQM while he is assigned to the engineering and procurement phase.)

  • Review contract scope of work specification. Project Execution P'an and accepted qualifications; Identify unique requirements or special processes during the project which requires control for effective examination & reliability.
  • Direct, supervise and participatel in the activities of the Project Management Team to assure product Quality.
  • Initiate Quality Planning for the project to assure compliance first time through proactive and preventive measures including the rectification activities where required, in consultation with Project Quality Manager for the effectiveness of project Quality Plan I Procedures necessary to achieve the product quality.
  • Assist In developing Project Quality Plan to cover all customer requirements to a level of detail necessary to assure Integration of construction activities within the construction specification.
  • Assure effective execution of Project Quality Plan through proper utilization of resources and audit verification.
  • Participate in kick-off meetlng to Identity the key factors for success" plus the risks and define I implement preventive action. Identify quality related Issues I concerns.
  • Liaise with the QC I NDT I Certification Personnel and Customer representative to ensure thai Quality problems are addressed and technically resolved.
  • Prepare and compile data from audits. Identify non-quality trends and update Project Quality Manager/Construction Manager on the effectiveness of the Project Quality System.
  • Liaise with Engineering, PMT and Purchasing to ensure customer specification requirements are integrated into the Engineering and Vendor data documents of supplied products.
  • Manage the vendor inspection process through the assigned coordinator in consultation with Project Quality Manager.
  • Liaise with the concerned to obtain required third party certlfication approval as and when required.
  • Monitor the as-built Project Certification progressively during the project execution.
  • Assist/Prepare Quality related 'lessons-learned' through project Close-out Report and ensure it is reported.
  • Provide Project KPI data input to Incorporate in the evaluation process for subsequent action & necessary improvement.

Travel : Up to 25%
Job Type : Regular
Date Required : 1/15/2013

Job Requirements : 
  • Education: 3 year Mechanical I Electrical I Instrumentatlon Engineering degree IDiploma or equallent
  • Experience: 1) 10+ years In Quality related construction activities. 2) QA Auditing 
  • Qualifications: Sr. CSWIP I AWS, coating education. Lead Assessor and TQM Education.

Job Function - Discipline : Quality - Operations
Career Level : Experienced (Non-Manager)

Closing date: Until Filled
Credit to : McDermott
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